EPRG FRAMEWORK—EPRG MODEL was developed and introduced by Wind, Douglas, and Perl mutter to describe the company's internal marketing operations and how the relationship is shaped and maintained between headquarters and subsidiaries. This EPRG framework PowerPoint template will provide proper insight into the model when you deliver your speech about the strategic decisions and operations linked with the internationalization of the business process. According to the EPRG Framework, there are four management methods that an organization can take to get more involved in international business significantly. On this EPRG template, you can see four concepts engraved as square templates and timeline PowerPoint sequence.

The four concepts of EPRG stand for ethnocentric, polycentric, regiocentric, and geocentric. The ethnocentric approach emphasizes that marketing research and strategies should be operated by local personnel. Instead, most of the market research is implemented in the headquarters in the local country. In the Polycentric approach, a company that utilizes this approach carefully considers different markets abroad to identify host countries that could potentially offer the most benefits. In a Regiocentric method of the EPRG Framework, businesses create and implement internationalization strategies for particular regions. Companies that utilize this type of approach use this for the local business's area. A Geocentric approach of the EPRG Framework means that a business intensely has faith that it is possible to utilize one type of strategy for all countries, regardless of the cultural differences. You can access more PowerPoint diagrams here. Grab the free ppt now!

EPRG FRAMEWORK FOR POWERPOINT PRESENTATION is a creative template offering 22 slides for multiple uses. It includes a square shape ppt, circle ppt, arrow timeline, generic timeline presentation, arch shape PowerPoint, and quadrant matrix. Each template has plenty of text places with high-definition graphical components. You can provide a detailed presentation using separate slides for describing the EPRG model business process. Besides, any marketing or business presentation in PowerPoint could be easy with this generic presentation deck.