• siva model

S.I.V.A. Model-Model Modern Marketing PowerPoint Template: marketing solutions have shifted from the company to the consumer. S.I.V.A.'s model marketing solution is a consumer-centric approach created instead of the traditional 4ps of the marketing mix; place, product, price, and promotions. S.I.V.A. model integrated the 4ps model and brought a new model called Solution, Information, Value, and Access. The S.I.V.A. model PowerPoint template is a four-section design for marketing presentations that gives prime importance to consumers.

Solution: What are the key requirement needs for product marketing? What pain is being resolved?

INFORMATION: As a substitute for the hard sell, we inform. We give data to our target audience of the solution, your value proposition, and the availability types. Then they decide whether it is of value to them.

VALUE: instead of traditional economic theories to set prices, S.I.V.A. prefers setting the price of a good or service based on the value a product offers consumers. So, value-based pricing is the key to the S.I.V.A. model.

ACCESS: The whidea behind this is giving consumers access to products and services when and where they want them instead of ordering where a consumer has to go to get them.

S.I.V.A. model modern marketing PowerPoint shows how the transformation of 4ps into Siva. The presenters can lead the transformation process with the help of the visual perfection template, as it is a comparison slide in the deck. The template contains four types of variations crafted as attractive PowerPoint designs. Each design resembles a gradient 3d model at first glance, but this is not a 3D PowerPoint template. Every PowerPoint diagram by slidebazaar has some different qualities. At this point, the color mixing pattern may be the key attraction of the S.I.V.A. model PowerPoint template.

The editable infographics for marketing presentations are designed as flat vector graphics for a general PowerPoint presentation and appropriately labeled with text and design guides. They allow the user to easily understand and customize the presentation for its purpose. Download the S.I.V.A. model marketing ppt template & infographic template and get ready for a novel marketing presentation suited to modern times.