• Marketing Mix PowerPoint Diagram

Marketing mix diagrams are a combination PowerPoint deck showing marketing mix strategies. Marketing mix denotes collective activities or plans that a company uses to promote its product or brand in the market. This PowerPoint deck can be used to show important marketing mixes strategies such as four ps of the marketing mix and seven ps of the marketing mix. Marketing is a continually evolving discipline, business or professionals should always be updated with current market trends. Marketing Mix is the technique of putting the right product on the market at the right time and place. The first four elements are the product, pricing, place, and promotion in the 7P’S marketing mix and the three new features which are recently been discovered are people, packing, and positioning. Once the marketing strategy is established, you should repeatedly use the Seven P Formula to evaluate and re-evaluate your business strategies. Products, customer needs, and the market keep on changing continuously. Marketing professionals should always keep an eye on marketing mix tactics to ensure that they are on the right track and gaining the maximum results from present market conditions. Marketing Mix simplifies the marketing concepts and allows the company to vary its marketing activities according to its possessions, market conditions, and needs of customers. You can access more Marketing mix Templates & professional ppt templates here. Grab the free ppt now!

The marketing mix diagram template is created with simple circular PowerPoint images with detailed text description zones. All the images are projected in the master diagram, which contains

  • 4ps of marketing mix ppt diagram,
  • 5ps of marketing mix ppt diagram,
  • 6ps of marketing mix ppt diagram and
  • 7ps of marketing mix ppt diagram.

Among them, 4ps of the marketing mix concept is the foundation of all marketing mix concepts. The use of a marketing mix is an excellent way to enhance your business and organization. The study of the application of the four p’s marketing mix is an overall study in corporate and other SMEs. You have to know the customer's requirements and wants when you are going to produce a commodity.

Marketing mix ppt template slides are customizable. All the objects and icons are changeable or modifiable. Further, all are generic PowerPoint templates that can be downloadable for multi-purpose PowerPoint presentations.