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4P PowerPoint Templates & Keynotes

Download 4P PowerPoint templates with energetic designs and multi-stages diagrams the pops out all the significant factors impacting the subject of the marketing of your organization.  The 4P’s stands for product, price, promotion, and place.  These are the base elements of a marketing mix.  4Ps of the marketing mix is an effective strategic management tool which needs to be taken into consideration before launching of a new product.  These four marketing factors are constrained by internal and external factors of the overall business environment. These factors interact significantly with each other.

With ever-changing global scenario, analysis and planning of marketing process are essential.  With these amazingly designed 4p powerpoint template, you can educate your folks about various activities includes in the process and about the promotional activities going to be executed.  You can use these 4P PowerPoint PPT templates for presentation on market research,  developing strategies,  customer feedback management, etc.  Its time to gear up your performance with our 4Ps PowerPoint templates.  Show your teammates the direction they need to follow.