• funnel diagram showing sales pipeline of a business

Sales funnel infographic template is a marketing presentation diagram showing how leads become customers. Funnel PowerPoint template shows the sales pipeline of the business with different phases of the customer journey. It is a marketing model that covers the whole process behind buying. Or how strangers become the customer. The sales process featured on the slide includes leads, calls, follow-up, conversion, sale, opportunity, connection, timing, obstacles, and persistence. There is a lot of effort behind a deal. Every company has its marketing techniques. However, the tactics may be the same. Sales and marketing need common plans of the process of developing your business or organization. The presenter can outline this process through a sales funnel PPT slide.

Sales funnel infographic template contains research topics that help transfer how a sale occurs. Corporations and SMEs can use this template to display different phases of sales in a modern infographic diagram. From a research point of view, the sales PPT template is a marketing funnel describing the sales process from the beginning to the end. Funnel is the right object to display the customer journey and filtering process. You can illustrate how a customer passes through different stages and where they are dropping out or sticking on. It is a complementary business visualization of how customers travel towards each sales stage of the customer buying journey or how a company can manage its clients by holding their interest or desires towards their products.

Sales funnel infographic template is a two-slide presentation have two backgrounds. This could be a cover slide for your corporate PowerPoint presentation, or it may be a master template for your sales PowerPoint presentation. Whatever the aim, the Sales funnel infographic template focuses on improving sales, thereby generating more revenue for the company. This is a pure business PowerPoint template that has been created with editable options.

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