• Sales Performance Dashboard Keynote and Powerpoint template

Executives are very often pressed for time and it makes quite a daunting task for them to read through pages of reports and get a thorough understanding of how their business is performing. Sales performance dashboard is a perfect tool to quickly summarize sales performance to executives so they can get the key facts about their business at a glance. The sales dashboard has relevant KPIs and metrics: leads, opportunities, negotiation, proposal, wins and deals closed. The Sales Performance Dashboard is a scannable alternative to business performance in different departments such as sales, marketing or accounting. The dashboard also has other metrics such as average weekly revenue, profit, new customer acquisition, etc. The target audiences for this dashboard are sales Managers, sales development reps, sales operations, and account executives. The sales manager can easily identify the biggest deals and understand how to best allocate resources or diversify their tactics such as innovative promotion or ad campaigns to ensure the deals closes quickly. The pipeline makes it easy to see if deals are progressing successfully through the sales cycle throughout the month. The Sales Performance Dashboard emphasizes different metrics such as monthly sales vs goal, qualified leads: conversion rate, average monthly deal size, top sales development reps, top account executives, and the number of closed deals. The dashboard is a sophisticated leader board that can drive competitive spirit among sales team members. The sales performance dashboard template is completely editable and is available in both as PowerPoint and Keynote template. The text boxes are completely editable which are complemented with shapes in attractive colors. The layout of the template comes in dark shade only that complements the overall design including the shapes and texts. In this template you can include some attractive graphs and charts. The overall design of the template will give a professional look to your presentation. This template design will help you to impress your sales team and also give you an edge over your competitors as well.