• Free Metro UI Template

Free Metro UI template is a presentation templates featuring a dashboard created using the Windows Metro UI interface. The dashboard model template created with PowerPoint charts, graphs, and doughnut design allows stunning data presentation using all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint and Mac Keynote. The slide is designed as common Windows Metro layouts in appearance. However, it contains scaling techniques and data-driven charts for business presentations. A dashboard PowerPoint is a summarized presentation of statistical data that allows a quick view of facts and figures. So often, business presentations and research representation depend on these types of PowerPoint dashboard templates showcasing information. This structured layout covers all the possible combinations of quantitative data to be presented. These include pictures, texts, and figures.

Metro UI template is a free dashboard ppt presentation with data descriptions in six-column layouts. This is a data-driven template consisting of progress reporting diagrams. It is a visual display of the most important data, which fits completely in a one-pager deck to understand the complexity. Data is complex, while visualization makes it easy to understand. It also covers the stages of the project perfectly. The charts and graphs allow a competitive presentation by comparing two or more variables. All the tools are perfect for sales data presentation with comparisons. So, this can be used as a competitive analysis diagram using the Metro interface design model.

Free PowerPoint Metro UI template may outshine other statistical PowerPoint designs because of the exquisite color mixing style. The dark blue background template combines all charts and graphs in various dark color theme columns. The red, green, sky blue, dark blue, orange, and yellow ppt tints are visually appealing in the combination. Similarly, the bar chart and pie diagram in the green and blue background allow easy dissemination of facts and figures. The cool PowerPoint template enables reporting different schemes. Try out other dashboards and data charts in our arcade.