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KPI dashboard template shows the performance variables that affect an organization's growth. A dashboard is a visual representation of key performance indicators at a glance. This KPI slides contains five variables of KPIs that include a line graph of sales by product, a PowerPoint pie chart showing revenue by source, a current vs quick ratio board, a profit margin circle diagram with a revenue vs plan bar chart template, and performance analysis dashboard with speedometer scales. This is an amazing dashboard template for analyzing sales and the company's overall performance. You can easily put your data on the dashboard and create a quick vision of company performance.

KPI slide is an evaluation report document for departments such as sales, marketing and accounting. It could display different metrics that are easily understandable for the viewers. For example, you can show monthly sales performance reports, average sales in a month, conversion rates etc. besides, and you can provide an executive summary and briefing plans using the KPI PowerPoint dashboard. This is the best way to communicate with your stakeholders and directors. You can embed the KPI dashboard with Google meet or Zoom for online presentations. Further, project reports could be embedded with ppt dashboards with merge options.

Kpi PowerPoint templates show the data-driven charts, graphs, and diagrams. You can easily customize the template's size, background, color, and overall scope. Each text zones allow you to insert factual data in hand. If you want to change a color, you can do with color filling options. This is a standardized KPI slide, so every organization can use its contents without altering them. Therefore, you can use the pre-made dashboard to save time and effort. We have different types of dashboards that you can download from our gallery. Slidbazaar offer premium and free dashboard templates for PowerPoint presentation.