• Omnichannel Sales PowerPoint Template
  • Omnichannel Sales PowerPoint Template Dark

The Omnichannel sales PowerPoint template is designed for sales presentations and features a circular diagram aligned in 10 rings. This diagram is an effective way to showcase the various components of a successful retail sales plan. Each circle represents a different aspect of the sales process, such as marketing, inventory management, customer service, and more. The circular design of the diagram ensures that all components are given equal importance and are cohesively connected to each other. This also helps to communicate the idea that all aspects of the sales plan are interconnected and need to work together to achieve success.

The omnichannel sales PowerPoint template also includes symbolic ppt icons that represent each component of the sales plan, making it easy to understand and visually appealing. These icons are an effective way to communicate complex ideas quickly and succinctly. In addition, it includes the icons of Brick and Mortar for street sales, Ecommerce, social media, Email, ERP, CRM, Customer service, Chat, Instant messaging, and advertising—these much-needed ingredients are helpful for those seeking retail marketing.

Besides, each ring of the omnichannel sales PowerPoint presentation is designed as a colorful iteration, so it looks amazing with the 10-step presentation format. The presenters can add the main heading on the center circle and its sub-elements on the periphery. The two-slide presentation template in black and white designs allows icons, color, and all features to be modified. Download sales presentation PPT templates now!