• logic model template powerpoint

The logical model PowerPoint Template shows the relationship between resources, activities, outputs, and outcomes in a graphical illustration. It is a problem statement slide having different attributes to create a solution. The logical model framework is a part of strategic planning as a sequential process—besides, this is a data model framework describing the cause and effect process with logic and assumptions. The logic model framework for business solutions has proved that program planning will succeed if you use it. It is a graphical representation of how a program is envisioned to work and connects outcomes with theoretical hypotheses and processes. Like other logical models, the analytical model framework focuses on the IF-Then relationship between the elements.

A logical model template for powerpoint presentation presents problem statements and assumptions in a linear sequence square flat design. It has many sections in a vertical and parallel format, such as Inputs, Outputs, and outcomes. The research presentation template for powerpoint users enables depict their problem in the opening arrow ppt design with text placeholders. The infographic logical model template is best for describing the relationship between resources, activities, and results. So, business analytics can use vector-based PowerPoint to show a specific program and its strategic road mapping while sharing it with the stakeholders and team members.

Generally, logical frameworks will come as data table powerpoint layouts. So, this powerpoint won’t be an exception in its design trends and structures. For example, the first and second slide is the same in content and design, whereas it looks different because of the powerpoint background black and white theme. In a real sense, it is a single dashboard model data presentation tool to state your problem and how you try to solve it. You can edit the contents and textual themes and modify graphics and features when including your own data sets and iconic powerpoint designs. Try out our Ashridge model template to create amazing presentations.