• ogsm template

OGSM model template is a strategy presentation framework that defines a comprehensive business roadmap. This breakdown structure powerpoint help explain objectives, goals, strategies, and measures. It is a perfect tool that you can use to put your corporate vision and strategy into action. Japanese car manufacturers have developed the OGSM framework with the help of Peter Drucker’s concept of Management by Objectives. Globally, fortune 500 companies use the OGSM model to achieve business success. Besides you can also use the model to attain your personal goals. OGSM helps translate your vision into business and marketing strategy. It is an approach that clarifies what you want to achieve and how you can make the path to get there.

The OGSM model divides your visions into four broad conceptual frameworks. These are the core of the OGSM framework, i.e., objectives, attainable goals, strategies for actions, and measures to monitor success indicators and progress. In this model, objectives refer to having a connection with the company's mission. That should be concise and stable. Goals denote achieving a higher-level objective. That should be measurable, specific, compatible, and achievable. Strategy refers to the alternative steps we have taken to achieve our objectives. It should be flexible and straightforward. Finally, measures mean scalable parameters of your progress. It includes KPIs determining whether strategies are working or not.

OGSM template is designed as an arrow powerpoint timeline with easily editable sections. Each section is tinted with multiple color combinations with pointing arrows as a continuity process. The OGSM powerpoint template contains four slides in two black and white ppt formats. The presenters can detail topics in the preferred sections as a ppt roadmap with specified strategies and action plans. Besides, the powerpoint structure allows the users to create a business strategy roadmap presentation or a business purpose presentation in powerpoint. Use simple ppt designs for a professional PowerPoint execution. Try out our other roadmap templates to create stunning presentations.