• Conflict Resolution Management PowerPoint Template
  • Conflict Resolution Management PowerPoint Template Dark

The Conflict Resolution Management PowerPoint Template is perfect to visually represent and communicate different types of conflict resolution techniques in psychology and management. The template features a matrix diagram that clearly and concisely illustrates the five types of conflict resolution: competition, collaboration, avoidance, accommodation, and compromise. The conflict resolution PowerPoint is simple yet elegant, with two-way arrow PPT shapes on the bottom and side to represent the participants' different levels of assertiveness and cooperativeness—the four designs in the template offer flexibility and customization options to the users. The small box in the center shows the type of compromise separately.

The conflict resolution PowerPoint template allows you to change size, shape, and colors. The template comes in two background colors to cater to different preferences and ensure the visuals are visually pleasing and professional. The simplicity and clarity of the design make it easy to navigate and understand, making it an ideal presentation for managers, psychologists, and educators alike. The Conflict Management PowerPoint Template can be used for various purposes, such as presenting to a team or clients, teaching in a classroom, or training in a workshop. The template is versatile and can be adapted to suit the user's specific needs. For example, use the conflict resolution management slide to teach your team or students. Try it now!