• Conflict Resolution Strategies PowerPoint Template

5 conflict resolution strategies PowerPoint template is HR model for business enterprises as well as useful for solving personal conflicts using the five strategies of conflict resolution template. The dispute may be personal, financial, political, or emotional. Conflict may occur between supervisors and subordinates, or between co-workers, or between service providers and their clients or customers. Conflict can also occur between groups, such as staff and management, or between whole departments. If you want to solve the conflict, you should know the origin point of the cause. This conflict resolution PowerPoint template is showing 5 key takeaways of conflict resolution.

1. Competing
Competing is used by people who go into conflict planning to conquest. They’re assertive and not cooperative. This method is characterized by the assumption that one side gains and everyone else lose.
2. Avoiding
Avoiding is when people just neglect or withdraw from the conflict. They select this method when the uneasiness of hostility surpasses the potential reward of the resolution of the conflict.
3. Accommodating
Accommodating is an approach where one party gives in to the wishes or demands of another.
4. Collaborating
Collaborating is the technique used when people are both assertive and cooperative. A group may learn to allow each member to make a contribution with the possibility of co-creating a joint solution that everyone can support.
5. Compromising
In this method, participants are partially cooperative and positive. The notion is that every person gives up a little bit of what they desire, and no one gets everything they desire. This style of conflict can be more time-consuming and need more "people skills" than other conflict resolution approaches.

In conflict resolution these strategies are also unveiled by synonyms like withdraw, contest, collaborate, concede and compromise. The flat vector PowerPoint for conflict resolution strategy presentation contains 10 slides of quadrant shapes. The users can change the colours and graphic features of this diagram with customization options available in PowerPoint.