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  • Free Strategic Group Map PPT Template
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  • Free Strategic Map Power Point Template
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The free strategic group map PowerPoint template presents 12 slides for strategic group mapping. The strategic group map serves as a crucial tool for conducting strategic group analysis in PowerPoint. It allows for the visualization and examination of the competitive positions of industry competitors, considering variables or common characteristics pertinent to their strategic significance. By plotting these variables on a PowerPoint strategic group map, firms can identify strategic groups within an industry and gain insights into their relative positions, competitive advantages, and potential for collaboration or competition. This analysis facilitates strategic decision-making and the formulation of effective competitive strategies.

The free strategic group map PPT template comes in different shapes and designs. It is a box structure and in a matrix model. The size and colour differentiation of the box and circle allow the viewer to understand the competitive position of each brand. For example, the matrix template with the vertical and horizontal axis shows the low and high of the brand, brand A and Brand D in the high position while brands B, C and E are in the low place. However, brand C seems too big, comparatively higher than brands E and B. This particular diagram shows the company's position in a circle ppt design.

The free Business positioning PowerPoint template for strategic group map presentations is an excellent tool for showcasing a company's strong brand value in a visually appealing and easily understandable manner. The free PPT template features a clean and professional design with a black and white background, complemented by vibrant colours and well-structured columns in PowerPoint. This free slide simplifies the process of creating engaging and informative strategic group map presentations, enabling companies to effectively communicate their brand value and competitive positioning to stakeholders and decision-makers. Elevate your presentations to new heights with SlideBazaar's professional templates and custom design services.