• World map with navigation location PowerPoint template and keynote

The World Map with navigation location PowerPoint template is a universal slide that can be used to show the global reach of your business. Most of the companies are doing business in both domestic and overseas markets. Incorporated world, the global business reach is very wide and far-reaching. This PowerPoint template contains GPS indicators that are useful to show your business areas in a precise manner. The diagram indicates the percentage of your business divisions simply and easily understandable. The impact of globalization and liberalization mobilizes the global expansion of business. The template is fully editable and customizable; users can utilize the background for another presentation related to travel and tourism.

To show global networks by using our motivating visual; world map with navigation location. This PowerPoint is applicable for professional presentations. The policies like globalization and liberalization open the world market before the information society. The meaning of the market has been changed in a broader sense. Now a day’s market is a blend of both domestic and overseas. Our world map PowerPoint templates are ideal for exhibiting international relations and domestic dealings kind of slide connections in a very comprehensive manner. It can be used to display networking expansion plans. The world map design contains a navigation compass that helps to discover possible networks and markets. The current global market distribution of a company can be highlighted as well. The slide comprises a world map outline along with compass indicators. Seven continents are located here. The present business distribution or future business plans in each continent or country can be illustrated percentage-wise. The design is directly proportional to the actual outline of these places. You can use the global theme to present perfect networking methodologies. E-commerce, network marketing modes, and traditional business modes also use the PowerPoint presentation template to display market expansion and market possessions. You can access more World Map PPT templates to choose a different style that perfectly suits your needs. Get them now!