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Travel Around the World Template for PowerPoint and Keynote

Travel around the world PowerPoint presentation is an exclusive slide for travel and tourism promotion. The domestic and overseas tourism is in a high fly. People are seeking more leisure and entertainment along with knowledge exploration. The number of tourists visiting other nations is in a good momentum. The tourism industry in each country has been growing and its economic importance is surging. Some countries are earning most of their foreign money through tourism. For example, India’s tourism industry now brings billions of dollars into the economy each year. Tourism also provides jobs for the local residents, further benefiting the destination. The concept of community tourism has become a trend for the backward economies.

Travel around the world template is ideal for tourism administrators and travel and tourism companies. Tourism promotion is one of the key aims of most of the countries. So this PowerPoint template can be used as an introductory slide for their tourism website. Teachers can use this slide to denote the major tour events of the countries like France, Britain Italy etc.

Travel around the World PowerPoint slide is a simple and versatile slide which you can use whenever the world is in context. It can be an open slide, it can be a description slide, and it can also be a fantasy slide for a kid’s event about the world as well. It has a semi-circle that may be replaced with a globe image if you may prefer. It also has spread across the semi-circle beautiful detailed illustrations of most of the world’s iconic feature of cities around the world like the Statue of Liberty, The Eiffel Tower, The Big Ben, The leaning tower of Pizza, The Colosseum, etc. It comes in two different backgrounds one white and the other dark so you may use them for daytime as well as for night time. Travel around the World is available in PowerPoint and Keynote templates.