• North America Map With Social Icons PowerPoint and Keynote template

North America Map PowerPoint Template

Our North America map PowerPoint template with Social media icons is a high-resolution map with geographical regions of North America. The template is a fusion of several flat PowerPoint shapes. You may not know North America covers almost 16.5 % of the earth's land area. North America is entirely situated in the northern hemisphere. North America comprises there areas called North America, Middle America, and the Caribbean. Our North America Map PowerPoint template can be a visual aid for showing presentations on this demographic region. You may be a native of North America or a visitor from another country you may use these slides as a reference or create a blog or presentation describing the enriched habitats, famous spots, etc.

Every business whether it may be a start-up or an MNC’s always dreamt of having a global presence. Business organizations grow by setting their branches globally. Building a brand is now a global trend and is not limited to the parent country. Since colonial times North America was a hub point for invaders. This North America Map template will surely assist the entrepreneurs in analyzing the areas and in planning for business commencement. World marketing can be a far-fetched idea for some, but now it’s a practical approach for many professionals. Being able to reach out in an international market and finding consumers can only be the next step for expansion. Being the third-largest continent easily accessible with all transportation, this can be a great approach. Other than business professionals, these slides can be used in the aviation sector to draw a flight route map. As the template is accompanied by social media icons marketing executives can use it to highlight social media campaigns, audience engagement from the North American region, and products popularity in several parts. The North America Map Template for PowerPoint is 100% customizable. The user can alter the size or color of each part of the map. Further can drag the specified area to the next presentation, modify the icons to suit the presentation theme.

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