• Social Networking and Communication

Social Networking and Communication

Social Networking is now the most effective and much talked about the type of communication; although it takes place in the world of internet, computers, and mobiles it is fast, cheap and relatively easier to get your messages across to anyone living in any corner of the world. This slide on Social Networking and Communication fits perfect for presentations where marketing, advertising, online marketing, society, and community etc are showcased. The different modes of communication, the devices used, the percentage, the structure, the functions etc can be well explained and conversed through this easy to edit slide on Social Networking and Communication. This vibrant, colorful, detailed and meaningful slide can be used for introductions or conclusions on any topic pertaining to Social Networking and Communication by adding in the right set of heading and content. The template designed in both powerpoint and keynote in both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio.

The Social network slide can be used as a metaphor for different sections which a person handles in his portfolio or day to day work, we can also use the slides as different sections in marketing as the businessman starts his new organisation does an online promotion using the social media marketing and content marketing lots of visitors promotes the business using the online channels available in the market and finally reaches the success. All the icons in the template are completely editable you can change the icons as per your needs.

The Social Network slides use logos of social media sites. which are Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Instagram? The template has text placeholders also a donut chart which will help you to show the percentage of the work. This can be used in reports of marketing and plans of promoting your business in a social media or your communication channels.