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SQERT Project Management Model Ppt Template

The geometric pentagon shape diagram for SQERT project management PowerPoint template presentation enables the user to easily understand SQERT concept of project management. The acronym SQERT stands for Scope, Quality, Effort, Risk and Time. The SQERT mechanism works well in the periodic trend analysis reports specific to projects. Frequently, to elucidate SQERT project management model, the simple arithmetical pentagon shapes aids establish each element easily. Hence, this PowerPoint is manageable to administrators, managers, teachers and students of the field. The 5-stage model diagram assists in understanding the following basic project controls:

  • Scope: What is being delivered
  • Quality: The grade of what is being delivered
  • Effort: The investment made to deliver
  • Risk: The level of acceptance for variances from predictable outcomes along the other four dimensions
  • Time: The duration of the delivery

SQERT project management model ppt template is a flexible creation that denotes the essentials required for successful project management. The five quadrilateral shapes in the outer showing the SQERT concept in a rotation. There is a mini-pentagon shape in the centre; the presenters can use this empty zone to show the heading of the PowerPoint presentation. On both sides, text areas are placed with meaningful clipart icons. Each icon has its own meaning so the presenters can use it as a symbol of the project management concept SQERT. on the other hand, if you required more compatible icons that you can download form the icon gallery and insert them using PowerPoint options. Although the PowerPoint diagram of SQERT is adjustable and aid tailor basic features like color, size of the placement of the object. Though, the presentation template also allows users to change background, colour theme. Besides, select desire images and item of PowerPoint to reuse in other presentations.

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