• Product Vision Template

A product Vision Template is a table PowerPoint column chart representing a product vision document. The product vision PowerPoint template includes four and nine-column boxes with your product descriptions. For example, the first slide has four columns imprinted with four elements of product vision that provide for Target Group, Needs, Product and Business Goals. Target groups refer to the target market for which the product is being designed. Needs denotes the value proposition means what problem will be solved by that product. Product refers to the special features of the product and its details. Finally, business Goals refer to the company's aim to meet the product, e.g., income generation.

The second slide of the product vision template is added with four more column PPT templates. So, it has four more topics when compared to the previous slide. These four topics are Competition, Revenue Streams, Cost Factors, and Channels. Each box in the slide is created with a blue and white colour combination. The colour background provides a half-cut letter box that looks like the template. Besides, each column is designed with symbolic PPT icons in line with the product vision board. Further, the first template has PowerPoint metaphors aligned with the presentation subject.

The product vision PowerPoint template allows easy communication with team members. It will remember team members' goals and tasks and help your business succeed. Each product vision board for PowerPoint presentation shows the company's vision to achieve targeted goals. So, hosts can use this customizable PPT template to communicate with the team members. The two-slide template allows alteration of features such as colour backgrounds, PPT icons, and even the contents to make a different presentation. The generic slide fits any topic since it has flat presentation table PPT charts. Download the product vision template and communicate with team members and stakeholders.