• Product Usage Analytics Template for PowerPoint and Keynote

Product Usage Analytics PowerPoint Template

The product usage analytics PowerPoint and keynote template can be used to display the working status of a product. It can help product management groups identify which part of the product is working well and which part requires investment or divestment. This template is helpful for the presentation of different data related to sales, product entitlement, training, and customer support. The major benefits of product usage analytics are; it provides a better experience for your customers, optimizes product development life cycle and builds a better product, creates newer business models by customer segment, and offers proactive customer service and support.

Product Usage Analytics PowerPoint and Keynote Template help you to understand how users are using and adopting your application or product. It provides you the critical information which can help you to understand where to invest the resources. It gives an insight into the customer behavior towards your product. So that you can invest your resources in such a direction that you get maximum returns and positive reviews. If a part of a product or application or the product is infrequently in use or has a downtrend of usage by the customer, your team can analyze why it is happening. If you find any area of improvement during analysis, you can upgrade your product or application.

The product Usage Analytics template is helpful for the product management and development team because it helps them to identify which product is doing well and which one needs improvement. In the template, you can fill the data regarding the usage month-wise, and it will show you the bar chart regarding the usage of the application or product. You will get a trend for the usage and will be able to analyze the present and past trends, and you can even predict future trends to some extent. The Product Usage Analytics template is fully editable so you can easily change color, background, font style, size, etc., in the template. Also, check out this product spotlight template. Also, check out this product banner and product management powerpoint template.

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