• Radar chart PowerPoint template for product comparison
  • Radar chart product comparison template for PowerPoint and Keynote

Radar Chart PowerPoint Template

Radar chart product comparison template for PowerPoint presentation is created for professional presentation. It can be used for various purposes like product comparison, and to show relationship between the variables. this template s designed primarily for researchers because the web chart is useful to display research findings and cause and effect relationship. radar chart PowerPoint are used to compare two or more items or groups on various features or characteristics. Naturally, the features or factors to be compared are rather different or dissimilar from each other. radar charts display information in two-dimension graphics. the chart can have three or more variables. the radar chart is also known as web chart star chart polar chart or spider chart.

The radar chart PowerPoint template is perfect for quality and development and product comparisons demonstrations. the diagram is suited in analyzing generality of variables. it can be used to analyze the performance of an item. It is perfect for performance metrics and sales concepts. for instance, compare two blood pressure drugs on features such as: prevalence of specific side effects, interaction with particular food etc. the graphic chart consists of a sequence of equal-angular spokes, with each spoke representing one of the variables. The data length of a spoke is relative to the greatness of the variable for the data point relative to the maximum magnitude of the variables across all data points. Each star or group of values in the chart is measured as one single observation.

Impress your audiences with beautiful infographics using the radar chart product comparison template. The PowerPoint objects and the shapes are fully customizable to suit the needs of the presenters. The users can change the colour and the inner web chart according to their preferences. The radar chart ppt template is crafted for business presentation or academic presentation.

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