• Generations Comparison PowerPoint Template

Generations Template for PowerPoint

Generations comparison PowerPoint template is a demographic template presenting the generation gap by showing Millennials, Gen Y, Gen X, and Baby Boomers. The debate of the generation gap and its consequences on the social situation are been discussed over the periods. The generation comparison ppt template contains creative slide designs that you can use to prepare presentations with generation charts and diagrams. The concept of Gen Z has been developed in recent years, indicating the generation born in late 1990’s and or the age of 4-24. The presenters can download the demographic visuals to highlight the major differences between each generation. Members of the Gen Z are skilled in using digital technology, social media platforms, and the internet. Most of the members involving this category are the children of Gen X.

Generations comparison PowerPoint presentation is an animated template containing 10 slides highlighting the topic separately. Demographers can use the template to display demographic statistics of the age composition. The gap between old and young is a part of modern technology and science. Each period of human development can be pictured in the PowerPoint template. Young are more innovative and scientific than older people throughout the period. However, in the case of Gen Z there has been some differences; studies show Gen Z are religious and deny progressive principles that has been developed during the first half of the 20th century.

Generations comparison PowerPoint slide is an interdisciplinary diagram that may use to transmit demographical, social and economic impact created by each generation. Social scientists who are showing interest in generation gap studies can use the PowerPoint to show the concepts accordingly. Social implication of generation gap, impact of technological advance on Gen Y and Gen Z people, and the economic development depending on new generations are the few topics light upon. Download cartoon PowerPoint templates and show your themes using self-explanatory PowerPoint templates. You can also check out many more variations of comparisons in this comparison slide.