• Weighing Scale Metaphor Powerpoint and Keynote Template

Weighing Scale PowerPoint Template

Metaphor weighing scale PowerPoint template and keynote is created for financial data presentation by supporting evidence or data. It has a fully editable gauge design with measurement graphics that you can use to decorate your presentation on the business and financial growth. The balance scale machine creates a vintage feel because of the non-digital technic of metrics that were used in the olden days. This balance scale PowerPoint contains a line graph with points. This graph is ideal for customer journey presentation or the illustration of financial growth. It is a deal for sales presentations or the company’s annual growth presentation as well. So, this is a multi-purpose diagram for quantitative projections with specific reference to the buying journey and the conversion rates. The template contains three weighing scale images in two backgrounds; all slides are in the same content and the pattern enables the users to present different data within the same format, or the users can make changes in the graph for providing different data series. It is also ideal for presenting diet and weight loss. You can access more PowerPoint Templates here Grab the free ppt now!

The editable weighing scale PowerPoint template allows customization in a few easy steps. Use vintage scale PowerPoint template for evaluating life balance, our work-life balance metaphor PowerPoint template and keynote is a modern design in this category.