• Emoji scale PowerPoint template

Emoji scale PowerPoint diagram is a circle slide showing the emotional aspects of activities through emoji clipart art expressions. Emojis are common symbols for expressions abruptly using in online conversation or chatting. Naturally, emojis are helpful for quick replies without using large text fonts for communication. In this six-section PowerPoint presentation, you can see different types of emoji expressions such as excellent, great, good, bad, very bad, and okay, all are incorporated in a circle scale image. The image is depicted as a clock with a single hand that illustrating the quality of your product/service by facial expression symbols or emojis.

The emoji scale PowerPoint template is an evaluation tool or a tool for expressing the feedback of an activity or a process with a metaphoric scale. For example, a salesperson can display the reaction of customers by using the metaphor scale PowerPoint diagram. These slither could result in product review presentations to describe marketing plans. Likewise, these slides could assist professionals in demonstrating concepts like customer satisfaction or product journey lifecycle. As a mood-representing diagram, psychologists or behavior scientists could be used mood assessment tools after evaluating the emotional temperaments of their clients. After their evaluations, they can show the mood of their clients as simply as or without tensing them.

Emoji scale PowerPoint of circular design template comprises infographic icons in each outline. The vector pre-designed graphics used in the diagram may meet the purpose of your presentation with deeper meanings. The Circle Diagram PowerPoint template and Keynote can be used for presentations where you need to make a point clear in a step-by-step manner or define a process, flow, etc. The spherical template is very self-explanatory and easy to comprehend for the viewers. The two-slide speedometer design PowerPoint allows modification on the theme using PowerPoint menu options.