• Productivity PowerPoint Template

Metaphor productivity PowerPoint template is an incredible slide comprised of an analog clock surrounded by multiple infographic icons. The icon features a graph, message icon, gear, percentage symbol, and people icon. It's the most simple and creative presentation design. The presentation slide will emphasize the productivity terminologies and the content of the presentation. Productivity can be said as the efficiency of any person, machine, the system in transforming any useable input outputs. Productivity can be calculated by the ratio of what is produced to what is used to produce it. Productivity is the prime source of business growth. Efficiency further leads to productivity. This productivity slide will perfectly aid in product development or product launch slides. The presenter can allocate targets and deadlines to its teams. A vast range of topics can be covered using the metaphor productivity PowerPoint template. It can be time management, efficiency, deadlines, timebound activities, etc.

The clock in the template design symbolizes time management. Professionals can discuss topics on time-bound activities. Multiple icons are also added which allows the presenter to throw light on multiple aspects of activities. It's also a great brainstorming template. Teachers and professors can educate students on the value of time and time management. The light blue background color gives a pleasing and relaxed finish to the design. The bold font will spotlight the presentation topic. The presenter can add a short note to give an overview of the presentation. The metaphor icon and other elements can easily be altered to specific needs. The metaphor productivity PowerPoint template can cater to the needs of professionals from any industry. Being simple with minimalist graphics, the template will stand out and grab the attention. Download the Productivity PowerPoint template & Keynote and create a fascinating presentation on how productivity targets accomplish goals. The productivity metaphor template is available in both PowerPoint and Keynote versions.