• Cyber Security PowerPoint Template and Keynote Slide
  • Cyber Security PowerPoint Template and Keynote Slide
  • Metaphor Cyber Security PowerPoint Template

Cyber Security PowerPoint Template and Keynote Presentation

Cybersecurity is the protection of computers and web connections system, including hardware, software and data from cyber-attacks. This cyber security powerpoint template is a professional presentation, focusing on cybercrime and cyber ethics. The securing of systems related to computer devices are also known as cybersecurity. It is the protective measures applied to the information systems and infrastructure, networks and data stored or transmitted over them. The importance of computers and network is rapidly growing, few years ago computer and internet considered as a privilege, now it’s a necessity. It has been influenced by the entire realm of human life. Professionals and business people couldn’t think about the society without computers or the internet. However, data and the storage devices are not in a secured condition. It is subjected to cyber-attacks and data hacking. Through cyber security powerpoint template, presenters can display the essential devices that protect your computer and data.

The cyber security PowerPoint template is a modern illustration by which presenters can deliver their concept related to cyber security metaphorically. Computer system involves a wide range of devices and their connecting networks. These are: personal computers, data centers, smart devices, servers, smartphones, internet, ATMs etc. the cybersecurity PowerPoint can be used to propagate the important areas that are confronting cyber threats, and the measurers taken to obstruct the hackers. The hackers are trying to steal intellectual property, take commercially sensitive data, access government and defense related information, disrupt government and industry service and the encroaching to the privacy of individuals.

The most common hacking techniques that threat the security of cyber system are: keylogger, denial of service, waterhole attacks, fake wap, phishing, clickjacking attacks, cookie theft, bait and switch, virus, and Trojan etc. the cyber security template for PowerPoint is created by vector graphics, imaging a desktop computer operating by human hands. The lock icon in the PowerPoint template symbolizes the concept of cyber security. There are six infographic icons wherein users can display the important topic of the presentation. The cyber security metaphor is ideal for security and IT professionals, and the image is fully customizable.