• Globe Shapes Template for PowerPoint Presentations and Keynote Slide
  • Metaphor Globe Shape Template for PowerPoint Presentation
  • Globe Shapes Template for PowerPoint Presentations and Keynote Slide

Globe Shape PowerPoint Template and Keynote Slide

Metaphor globe shapes template for PowerPoint is a symbolic representation of global trade and business. The rapid growth of modern communication and transportation such as the internet, email, mobile phones, domestic and international air transport and the quest for new markets have been vital to the growth of global business and the corporate world as well. This globe shape template is used to present an evaluation of the most important factors causing globalization, from transport to technology and free movement of labour. This PowerPoint template of globe design illustrates the latest technology topics perfectly. The science and technology create a similar attitude towards growth and development throughout different continents and countries. New generation is always striving for the new career opportunities, regardless of territory and space.

PowerPoint globe shape template can be used to explain the benefits or ethics of information technology, innovations and promote entrepreneurship programs. The colorful presentation template has earth metaphor with several creative icons. These icons represent science and technology with specific reference to means of communication and transportation. The globe shape template is ideal for teachers and management professionals to showcase the cause and effect of globalization and its merits and demerits. Globalization refers to the breakdown of obstacles that prevent the exchange and integration of finances, trade and ideas across the world.

Globe shape template for PowerPoint contains nine spectacular PowerPoint cliparts that will support to develop presentation ideas. The icons include; the factory, truck, graduation cap, briefcase, GPS, letter, desktop, chat symbol and rocket. All the icons are inextricably related to global growth and technological advance. These interactive visual contents ensure the attention and participation of the audience with total engagement. The green map of the continents is aesthetically standout against the white background. The green tail that encompassing the globe shape is a symbolic illustration of the entire presentation concept. The truck and the rocket represent the advancing technology, while GPS, letter, and desktop show the concept of dissemination of information and communication through the world. Additionally, the globe shape PowerPoint template is an editable slide. It enables users to customize shapes, textural content, effects, backgrounds and more. The infographic icons are also changeable. Download this professional metaphor of earth template and make a thrilling presentation.