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Pinwheel Style Process Shapes for PowerPoint

Pinwheel style process diagram for PowerPoint presentation is a circular diagram template that contains five segments in a fan-out design. A pinwheel is a toy made of a roll of paper or plastic coils attached at its axle to a stick by a pin. Our pinwheel template is perfect for showing rotation. So, the modern design is able to display recurring elements of business development. It shows the never-ending process and function of an element. Each leaf in the template is ornamented with PowerPoint cliparts and numbers. You can access more PowerPoint Templates & process flow diagram PowerPoint templates here. Grab the free ppt now!

PINWHEEL STYLE PROCESS SHAPES POWERPOINT TEMPLATE AND KEYNOTE is an imaginative replacement of common circular process diagrams. The pinwheel represents the interdependent elements and smooth movement as an allegory. This 5 step PowerPoint contains a gradient shape template with 5 circular sections. Additionally, the center of the pinwheel also has an icon to highlight the presentation title. The wheel suggests the idea of continuous movement or motion. This PowerPoint template, therefore, is ideal for learning purposes. The business management teachers can monitor the 5 steps of project management or supply chain management. Apart from this other academic-industrial scholars can take this template for a variety of presentations because of the generic circular design. This can present recurring cycle processes in an interactive style of SmartArt visual graphics.

There are two slides in black and white background, user can change the background color and shapes, icons according to the need and aesthetic sense, add a brand in the center part, describe the stages of the customer journey to that brand. The pinwheel style process shapes template is an astonishing presentation design for multiple purposes; explain a 5 step development methodology or a production cycle. We ensure the pinwheel shapes and the color combination stimulates the attention of the audience and engages them in the presentation.