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Scrum Process PowerPoint Template (Software-Development) and Keynote Template

Scrum Process PowerPoint template (Software Development) and Keynote is a professionally designed PowerPoint template with four different slides describing the scrum methodologies for software development and agile practices. Each individual section of the PowerPoint describes an important aspect of the scrum methodology. The first slide is a master template that has given the overall highlight, that presents the general scrum cycle, the scrum roles involved and the scrum artifacts and concepts used. The next three slides are useful to project the scrum elements individually and descriptively.

Scrum is one of the most popular frameworks for implementing agile; however, scrum has a unique flavor because of the obligation to short iterations of work. With scrum, the product is built in a series of fixed-length iterations called sprints that give teams a framework for shipping software on a regular rhythm. The scrum team has a marginally different arrangement than an old-style waterfall project, with three specific roles: product owner, scrum master, and the development team. These compositions are cross-functional; the software development includes testers, designers, and engineers in addition to developers. The product owners are the champions for their products. They always searching for the business market and requirements and then prioritizing the effort to be done by the engineering team accordingly. The functions of effective product owners are; build and manage the product backlog, close to the business and the team to ensure everyone knows the items of work in the product backlog, offer clear leadership to the team on which features to deliver next, pick the correct time to ship the product with the tendency towards more frequent supply.

The scrum masters are the trainers of the team and product owner, an effective scrum master intensely understand the work being done by the team and can help the team optimize their delivery flow, they scheduled the desirable resources for sprint planning .software development scrum process powerpoint template and keynote template is designed for the professionals from cyberspace or IT field, the design is very much appropriate and attractive for the scrum concept presentation with sufficient descriptions. Combine this scrum PowerPoint with any of our PowerPoint diagrams or PowerPoint designs and create an outstanding display that appeals to global viewers.

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