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  • SCRUM Process PPT Presentation Template

SCRUM Process PowerPoint Template

SCRUM process PowerPoint template is a complete presentation of project management. The process diagram includes 10 slides that are capable to describe SCRUM process of software development. These PowerPoint slides contains the core of the scrum process in a detailed fashion. It will assist to comprehend SCRUM process without losing the key points of study. SCRUM is the frequently used term in software development. Scrum is a project framework that helps teams work together. It encourages teams to learn through experiences, self-organize while working on a problem, and reflect on their wins and losses to continuously improve. It is .an agile framework for managing virtual works and knowledge focusing on software development. There are three main roles in the SCRUM framework. They are ideal communicators to the scrum team. The SCRUM PowerPoint template highlights these roles through separate slides. The slides included in the PowerPoint presentation are; SRUM process PowerPoint template (can be used as master slide), SCRUM software development process (can be used to display the combined roles of product owner, development team and the scrum master), product owner roles and responsibilities template, team roles and responsibilities and SCRUM master roles and responsibilities. The project management framework will work well through teamwork and accountability.

SCRUM Process PowerPoint template is a special PowerPoint design that will help to singled out each topic separately. For instance, the expert presenter can highlight each role of SCRUM process with the animated scrum template. If they want to project the roles of SCRUM master or Product owner, they could do it by separate visual graphics. Each slide in the PowerPoint contains enough text areas for the elaborate discussion. Alternatively, the master template involves the core process of the SCRUM work model. It includes product backlog, sprint planning meeting, sprint backlog, sprint (1-4 weeks), daily stand-up, sprint review and finished work.

The SCRUM process PowerPoint template shows the combination of different phases of software development in the scrum framework. The template will help the students of project management or software development to understand the entire scrum process and its basics. The editable SCRUM diagram allows multiple customizations on the PowerPoint objects.

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