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SDLC - Software Development Life Cycle Template for PowerPoint & Keynote

SDLC – software development life cycle PowerPoint presentation is a professionally designed project management methodology framework. This template graphically presents the circular diagram of the software development lifecycle using impressive slide designs. Software development life cycle ppt presentation can be used to describe different phases of software development and the order in which those phases are implemented. Each segment makes procedures required by the subsequent phase of the life cycle. These necessities are translated into design. The code is created according to the design which is called the development phase. After the coding and development, test the deliverables of the implementation phase against the requirements. The software development slide illustrates the SDLC project management lifecycle which focuses on optimizing the workflow during the development process.

Our software development life cycle PowerPoint template shows the five important phases of software development. These stages include; requirement analysis, design, implementation, testing and evolution. The requirement analysis consists, functional requirement specification, business requirement specification, and business document etc. feasibility study, tentative planning requirement analysis is the part of the analysis phase. The design phase is the drawing of diagram’s and giving a technical lead for the project. The implementation phase is also known as the coding phase, in this phase, the code is produced so it is the main focus for the developer. After the code is developed it is tested against the requirements whether the product is actually solving the needs. The evolution phase has too many definitions, even after a system is delivered, it will inevitably have to change to remain useful. It is also called the maintenance phase of software development.

Software development life cycle ppt presentation template is crafted with simple PowerPoint objects. It shows the circular process through a fan-out effect. These effects are ensuring the logical flow of the presentation. Additionally, the PowerPoint template of software development is 100% editable. Therefore, the users can change the given topic in the diagram, for example, users can change the topic of evolution and write deployment or maintenance instead of evolution. This SDLC – software development life cycle ppt presentation is an exceptional tool for project managers to explain several objectives. We have various project management methodology templates including SCRUM process PowerPoint template (software-development) and keynote template and DevOps toolchain diagram PowerPoint and keynote slide.