• gibbs-reflective-cycle

How could you do better in the future? Gibbs Reflective Cycle template says enhancing doing better to exist the industry you have been working. Gibbs reflective cycle is a circular diagram that shows the 6 elements for better learning. We all know experience is the cornerstone of human learning. However, you cannot move further if you do not have better reflections based on your experience. “learning by doing” is the core idea of Gibbs reflective cycle.

The six steps of the Gibbs reflective model are Description, Feelings, Evaluation, Analysis, Conclusion, and Action plan. If you are a trainer, you can use the circle PowerPoint template to showcase the elements of the Gibbs reflect cycle and how it will work to improve your knowledge and learning.

  • Description: of what happened
  • Feelings: thoughts about your experience
  • Evaluation: about bitter and sweet experiences
  • Analysis: studying the situation
  • Conclusion: what you learned how could you approached it differently
  • Action plan: what steps will be taken if you have similar experiences in the future.

The Gibbs reflective cycle template is a generic six-step diagram that can be used for any topic that moves cyclically. This PowerPoint template is perfect for presentations on topics such as the seasons, the life cycle of a plant, the stages of human development, or the steps in a process. The template is easy to use and edit and comes with all the necessary slide elements to get your point across clearly and effectively. Plus, it's sure to impress your audience with its stylish and professional design.