• Data Migration Life Cycle PPT Template
  • Data Migration Life Cycle PowerPoint Template

Data Migration Life Cycle PPT Template

Data migration life cycle is the process of moving data from one location to another, one format to another, or one application to another. This is a new concept related to data storage and analytics. So, generally, this is the result of introducing a new system of location for the data and process behind data migration. Data migration life cycle is a complex system; however, these processes can be illustrated by a simple PowerPoint template. You can use process presentation templates or a linear timeline infographic template for presenting the concept of data migration. In these days, data migration is closely related to cloud-based storage and applications. In short, data migration is the process of transferring data from one system for another while changing the storage base or application. It is usually occurred during an upgrade of existing hardware or transfer to a completely new system.

The 5 step process template is a horizontal diagram shows the linear development of an event. So, it is a multifunctional template usable for representing business development process or creating a value based theoretical conceptualizations within the five stages. The process of data migration has been well-defined by the diagram with its concepts. However, these concepts are highly professional, so only experts can present the data migration process life cycle. Therefore, if you are an expert, you can use the default template without altering the concepts placed in the data migration life cycle PowerPoint template.

The simple infographic template for data migration process contains text place holders all over the diagram. The presenters can depict each topic very near to the PowerPoint shapes and give its details in the bottom. Each set is connected by thin lines represents the interrelationship of the topic to be discussed. The same design is effective for various sequential presentations, which has interlinking items. Use this editable PowerPoint for multiple presentation regarding business and academic.

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