• Employee Lifecycle PowerPoint Template

Employee Lifecycle PowerPoint Template

Employee lifecycle refers to an employee’s journey with the company. It is an HR model that defines the different stages of employees with the organization. The infographic for employee lifecycle activities is a 9 step timeline template that produces the long journey of an employee with the organization. An employee’s lifecycle activities being with the recruitment process and end with the off-boarding or separation. The PowerPoint template is a metaphoric creative slide that shows an employee walking through different stages of his life. The cartoon character illustration is a symbolic representation of an employee and the gearwheel with a conveyer belt depicts the different stages or activities until the separation. The employee life cycle encompasses various phases in the career of an employee, beginning with recruitment and concluding with retirement or separation. Here, the typical employee lifecycle model is breaking down into 9 stages. These are recruitment, onboarding, benefits, payroll, daily events, life events, leave, annual process, and separation. You can access more Employee Performance PowerPoint Templates & free ppt templates here. Grab the free ppt now!

Employee lifecycle PowerPoint template has 2 slides in black and white background. It is ideal for depicting an employee's journey with his lifecycle. The users can utilize the chances of the symbolic illustration for delineating different stages of employee lifecycle or the journey from starting to the end. In a lifecycle, there are certain stages of development. Employee lifecycle management is considered a crucial function of the HR department because it deals with the most valuable assets of the organization. The presenters can display, what are the major consideration to be given for an employee to develop himself and the company. By using the HR template the presenters can display the entire employment cycle of an employee with benefits and advantages.

Employee lifecycle ppt template is timeline roadmap presentation can be used for multi-purposes. For instance, the timeline PowerPoint template with the animated design is suitable for presenting customer journey or product development stages. The editable template is fit for complex presentation because the template has nine sections for data presentation.