• notepaper design

Special Notes Templates is a 4-item version of sticky notes that help you give . Sticky notes or post-it notes are common reminders generally used in offices to do work as scheduled. This sticky note PowerPoint is a creative design in a timeline format that allows users to convey their messages using the chronology of business development or project phases. The flat design of notepad presentations with colorful backgrounds can describe an important concept or add notes to your PowerPoint slides. The entire members can keep working together, which will allow each team member to construct an understandable and coordinated action. As a common tool used in offices, this design ensures audience attention and interaction at its maximum.

This template has two variant formats; however, both are fashioned as simple timeline PowerPoint. One of the variations has five steps to convey your messages, whereas the other has a four-step PowerPoint presentation. Besides, both templates have enough places for your texts wherein you can elaborately display your contents. We have many post-its notes PowerPoint shapes in a beautiful layout that you can download using a premium PowerPoint subscription. You can access more PowerPoint design templates here.

This template allows multiple changes using PowerPoint edit options. For example, you can add SmartArt icons to symbolize your topics. Or you can add or delete stages. These PowerPoint sticky notes can be used to explain multiple tasks and different types of areas like a day planner, comparison slide, agenda slide, strategic and evaluating planning, etc.