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  • Bell Curve PowerPoint Template
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This PowerPoint bell curve (normal probability distribution) template is perfect for your professional presentations. This template can also be used for Cauchy and logistic distributions, demonstrating a bell curve shape. This graph is also called a Gaussian distribution curve after the mathematician who first described it, Carl Gauss.

A bell curve is a graph that can be used to visualize the distribution of chosen values across a group that usually has central values as a peak with low and high extremes on either side tapering off.

This template is perfect for continuous quantitative data, such as the data you get when measuring physical characteristics (height, weight, etc.). It can also be used for discrete quantitative data such as grades or scores, which have a natural central tendency around a mean or median. In addition, bell curves are great for visualizing the mean, mode, and medium of a data set because when the distribution is normal, they’re all the same value.

This template is perfect for many use cases. For example, it can be used by financial analysts in analyzing the returns of securities.

The template comes in light and dark themes. It features a section on the right where you can add content. The template can be modified to suit your design needs. The graph is simple and features three curves. This template will fit right into your presentations and help you effectively showcase your data to your audience.

Bell shaped curves are interesting since they are commonly seen in nature and psychology. Many continuous data in nature and psychology display this shape. For example, if you were to compile data for 100 people, you can expect to see a normal distribution curve for many variables like weight, IQ, height, etc.

To use this template, download the file, open it using PowerPoint or similar presentation software, customize the slide, add your content, and you’ll be ready to go.