• OODA Loop PowerPoint

PowerPoint Diagram Template of OODA

OODA loop PowerPoint template is a strategy diagram focusing mitigation process to over chaotic situation. It explains the how individuals or organization could take decisions when confronts intense risks and challenges. This is 4 step sequence strategy diagram originated from military-strategic agile methodology. At the beginning, the OODA concept was used for military strategy operations. Now, experts have seen different utilities for different purposes including commercial operations and learning processes. OODA Loop offers actionable intelligence, analysis, and perception on global security, technology, and business issues.The OODA LOOP stands for:

  • Observation
  • Orientation
  • Decision
  • Action

The OODA loop PowerPoint template portrayed a four step approach to decision-making that emphases on screening available information, putting it in context and rapidly making the most suitable decision while also cognizing that changes can be made as more information becomes available. The strategy is valid at an individual level as well as an organizational level. It is particularly useful in situations where struggle is involved and where the ability to react to changing conditions faster than an enemy leads to an advantage. Like other problem-solving approaches, the OODA loop is a communicating, continuous process that involves repeating the cycle, observing and measuring consequences, studying and revising the ­­initial decision and progressing to the next step.

The OODA loop ppt template contains flowchart and circle diagrams that are common in decision-making PowerPoint presentation. These slides also include clipart icons to visually symbolize business or project processes and information. The spherical diagrams of stripe arrows present 4 components i.e. observation, orientation, decision, and action. While the core or central unit could demonstrate results or resources. We have different type of decision-making PowerPoint templates which includes military concepts like VUCA WORLD leadership strategy. The editable diagram allows any type of drops and drags, and copy pasting including new icon representation or PowerPoint color themes. Besides, the common circle and process chart illustration can be useful for business and academic presentation having four steps.