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OKR PowerPoint Presentation Template

The OKR PowerPoint template is a goal setting diagram within the organization. OKR's stand for Objectives and Key Results that are illustrated diagrammatically for easy comprehension of company mission and objectives.

This OKR diagram for PowerPoint presentation involves different visual graphics such as Objective and Key results diagram as an introduction template which is portraying infographic SmartArt bulb, growth bar chart, target board, focused camera and a pie diagram. The second slide is created with animated infographic template showing the core idea of OKRs. After this, there is a timeline banner PowerPoint for detailing Objectives, Result and Initiative (this diagram has plenty of text areas that allow you to create detailed presentation). The 4th slide also created as letter graphics of timeline design. Pillar of the OKR design is the very next slide which can be used to display OKR values, OKR principles, OKR phases and OKR elements (this is a square diagram divided into four main parts and its sub-parts). You can see a OKR cycle- framework very next to the OKR pillar design template (this is a directional arrow diagram which shows the OKR weekly status and Planning and alignments. after this OKR cycle-method can be depicted by a cycle PowerPoint diagram. you can portray the OKR alignment with a pyramid PowerPoint diagram on the board. OKR hierarchy- OKR system steps can be displayed through a flowchart diagram that is inserted in the end.

OKR PowerPoint diagram contains clipart icons and high-quality images to engage audience with graphics. All the figures and graphics are flat vectors and fully editable. Therefore, it is easy to customize and personalize slides according to business presentation necessities. Originally, this template contains several color themes which is also changeable from design menu. ORK itself is a proactive management tool to align and incorporate management goals. It supports company, team, and individual to arrange goals and work together in an integrated direction. It is habitually a list of 3-5 high-level matters followed by sub-objectives or goals.

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