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Gagne Nine Events of Instruction PowerPoint

GAGNE NINE EVENTS OF INSTRUCTION DESIGN FOR LEARNING POWERPOINT TEMPLATE: Robert Gagne (1916 – 2002) was an American educational psychologist who pioneered the science of instruction and learning. Gagne first laid the footing for what makes ‘good instruction’ when he applied his work alongside the American Air Corps in World War II. GAGNE learning model template for PowerPoint is an instruction design which shows different kind of learning styles. The Nine Levels of Learning’ suggests that learners experience nine steps when being communicated something. It also proposes how you, as the trainer/educator, can support these steps to ensure the learning is at its most impactful. The Gagne model gives the trainer a structure to work through that will keep the learner involved, and help them remember the content.

Gagne nine events of instruction PowerPoint template is 2 slide presentations crafted as circle PowerPoint template. The diagram of Gagne’s nine events portrays the rounded color pallet for tints with additional gradient effect in 9 sections. More, infographic icons are visual representation of Gagne’s nine events of instruction. The nine events of instruction are:

  1. gaining attention ( reception)
  2. inform leaners of the objectives (expectancy)
  3. stimulate recall of prior learning ( retrieval)
  4. present the stimulus
  5. provide learning guidance
  6. elicit performance
  7. provide feedback
  8. access performance
  9. enhancing retention and transfer

The Gagne slideshow in PowerPoint will be a useful tool for teacher’s trainers who engaged in enhancing learning capacity through attention improvement strategies. The diagram can help users to produce an edifice of training and deliver learning opportunities in an appealing and colorful presentation slide. Moreover, 9-steps circular model is multi-functional and fit for all type of learning presentation and step by step presentation. We have Addie model instruction design PowerPoint for project managers and business professionals.