• merrill's principles of instruction

PowerPoint slide for Merrill’s principles of instruction unveils how learners are engaged in solving problems. Key takeaways of Merrill’s guide are engraved as a text on the PowerPoint graphics. They are activation, demonstration application, and integration. It’s a task-centered principle so that you can see the focusing area at the center of this instructional diagram.

Merrill’s principles framework emphasizes that learning is promoted when:

  1. Your existing knowledge is activated or stands as a cornerstone for new knowledge.
  2. The unique ability is demonstrated to the learner.
  3. The learner is always seeking to apply new knowledge.
  4. Further information is integrated into the learner’s world.

David Merrill has introduced this structure that integrates five principles of learning. This framework is commonly known as Merrill’s First Principles of Instruction. These themes are interrelated and assist the instructional designer in developing materials that improve the learning process. In addition to Merrill’s First Principles of Instruction, there are other models of Instructional Design like Gagne’s nine principles and ADDIE model Instruction. We have several instructional designs that you can search and download from Slidebazaar arcade.

Merrill’s principal template for the PowerPoint presentation is designed as intersecting circle graphic. So, this is a classical Venn diagram showcasing how each element would be essential to achieve final success. You can add more circular diagrams for academic and business presentations.

You can customize your topics and even the template design using the Microsoft PowerPoint option. But it will make both exclusive and inclusive presentations according to your topic, tone, and rhythm. So rock your presentation with a simple and easy to understand PowerPoint that matches your title.