• Merrills Principles of Instruction PowerPoint

Merrills Principles of Instruction Template

MERRILL’S PRINCIPLES OF INSTRUCTION POWERPOINT is 2 slide infographic representing task-based instructional model. This is visual demo of task-based learning developed by David Merrill, a noted educational researcher and teacher. It is a problem-solving PowerPoint with visually appealing infographics diagram. All sections of this template exemplify different aspects of a practical instructional design method. Therefore, academic professionals can use this design to deliberately plan syllabus and identify areas of improvements. In this way, presenter can identify problem-areas which will enable audience to provide positive feedback. More, users can focus the skills and qualification which will supplement training and overall education experiences. The education PowerPoint template is an instructional model that has been proved its importance of past experience in learning.

Merrill’s instructional model has two version of learning i.e. five and four ideas of effective learning. But, this learning ppt template includes only four step model of learning process. These ideas are:

  • Demonstrate:The first idea of Merrill’s instruction is demonstration. Demonstrating all the skills by portraying information based on previous knowledge such as assessments of past experience.
  • Apply: this is comes in the form of interactive problem-solving and task performance.
  • Activate:Acquiring the information isn't enough. Learners must also be able to connect it to pre-existing knowledge and mental schemata.
  • Integrate: learners must have the chance to integrate their fresh skills or knowledge into their daily lives.

Merrill’s Principle of Instruction PowerPoint offers flat vector shapes and colorful circle layouts. It is an editable slide template; thus, users can make changes like standards, backgrounds, size suddenly. Likewise, standard PowerPoint icons are easily replaceable with the help of PowerPoint change options. The online eLearning institutions and the traditional school teacher trainers can download Merrill’s principle PowerPoint template for their instructional purposes. Since the generic PowerPoint is also be suited for business PowerPoint presentation.