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3D Shape Infographic Template for PowerPoint Presentation

3D infographic PowerPoint template is a keyhole shape diagram professionally designed for presenting 6 elements of a concept. The presentation may range from academic to business or fiancé to investment. Any topic can be illustrated because of its generic infographic template. Further, it can be used for presentations related to security issues or problem-solving presentations because the keyhole is the symbol for finding solutions, securing communication, and overcoming barriers. It is also a symbol of moving towards better opportunities such as entrepreneurship and innovations. It can be used to depict motivational ideas for better business opportunities and career options. Download this template to demonstrate your innovative ideas with passion and imagination.

Keyhole Graphics for PowerPoint presentation is a 3D infographic PowerPoint template designed with attractive ppt shapes and color mixing. The 2 slide diagram contains six text placeholders on either side. The presenters can utilize the text placeholders for a descriptive illustration of their concepts. Each segment is decorated with creative PowerPoint ClipArt’s that may match your presentation theme. If the default icons are not able to carry your subject, you can replace them with other symbolic shapes, that are also available in the slide bazaar gallery. Further, unless you need the support of icons, you can add textual themes in the same area.

The 3D infographic Ppt template illustrates several solutions to one problem. If you want to create a presentation on security issues, graphics will be a better option. Moreover, the objects are shapes, icons and infographics are editable in PowerPoint including the backgrounds themes and layouts. Use this shape diagram to show the unlocking techniques of various issues. The presenters can use as it is a problem-solving PowerPoint template and make a fascinating presentation on business decision making. This presentation slide is ideal for displaying the stages and segments required for problem-solving. You can also check out the powerpoint shapes and infographic shapes for powerpoint.