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Venn Diagram PowerPoint Template

The intersected circle Venn diagram infographic template is perfect for problem-related presentations. You can simply present your mathematical variables using the Venn diagram PowerPoint slide. A Venn diagram is a schematic way of demonstrating the elements of a group or a set. Usually, Venn diagrams show the relations of 2 or 3 sets. But this infographics Venn diagram is useful to show 5 sets of related variables. The PowerPoint presentation template is ideal for illustrating dependencies. The intersection of these circles represents all those elements that are present in the sets. The design is entirely different from a typical Venn diagram. Our Venn diagram PowerPoint template and keynote slide is a pure Venn diagram that you can download from our gallery as well. The Venn diagram infographic template created by the step-by-step layout helps the user produce the concepts in an arranged manner. It can also be used as an evolutionary timeline to show the historical growth of your company with prioritized elements. The varying size of the looping circles is fit for showing financial or sales growth as well. You can access more Venn Diagrams & free PowerPoint templates here. Grab the free ppt now!

Each intersecting circle PowerPoint contains PowerPoint icons and numbers. The users can make changes in the metaphor icons according to their presentation theme. This mathematical representation is an easy way to demonstrate the logical relationship between seemingly unrelated ‘sets’ of different groups of things. This PowerPoint slide is perfect for any professional user looking to illustrate five interrelated subjects and the concomitant outcomes. Pictorial representation of sets represented by closed figures is called set diagrams or Venn diagrams. Researchers and teachers can use this PowerPoint diagram to display the relationship between variables. This infographic Venn diagram shows the sequential relationship of the items.

The infographic Venn diagram PowerPoint template is a flat vector template of 2 slides. It offers text areas for all five segments. The thin lines focusing on the text areas enable the audience to distinct presentation topics. The users can edit infographic icons and shapes using customization options.