• Gauge Shape 5 Step Infographic

Gauge shape 5 step infographic templates is a speedometer dashboard presentation created as a semi-circle PowerPoint template. Each template highlighting survey results of your business competition by needle of the speedometer. This style aids you to create marketing analysis and its results in an easy understanding of fashion. The gauge template of PowerPoint helps define the range of parameters to measure data. However, the generic shape of the diagram allows you to present whatever topic you want to expose before your audience. This is a perfect infographic diagram which gives straight forward look or appeal to the prescribed texts and topics. The semi-circle is created by segmented PowerPoint shapes that going forward with the interrelated sequences. This is a timeline model presentation; users can use it to demonstrate business achievements and milestones.

Gauge shape 5 step PowerPoint template will give a clear-cut vision of the topics that you are going to be presented. Each stage of business development or operational activities can be demonstrated using the separate slides of business PowerPoint. Besides, the users can add their main topic on the center and insert their detailed texts on the prescribed text placeholders. Company growth, financial growth, and sales growth can be effortlessly conveyed to your audience, and the specialties of growth parameters that ensure the business growth overall also is stamped on the text areas. Moreover, the pattern is perfect for the illustration of the sequential development of a process with a continuous flow.

Arch shaped speedometer diagram contains infographic icons in each rotation, all images have certain relevance in the business presentation. The color blend, text zones, and shapes are creating a generic presentation tool. Users can adjust the background of PowerPoint as well as colors. Businesses, industry, academic professionals can use this gauge shape step infographic PowerPoint template to gain the attention of the viewers in a class or conference. Create a simple yet impactful presentation using the semicircle sequential powerpoint template.