• 8 section split diagram for PowerPoint presentation

8 Section Split Diagram PowerPoint Template

The 8 section split diagram for PowerPoint presentation is a professional template that can be used to show the presentation based on business or manufacturing. In the center of the diagram, there is a spanner and screwdriver. This iconic representation is showing the industry based presentation or the phases of product development. The uses can display eight stages of product development or product manufacturing using the eight section split diagram template, the eight stages involves; idea generation, idea screening, concept testing, business analysis, product development, test marketing, commercialization and the review of the market performance. By conducting market research, need assessment can be done. This is one of the key stages of product development. Without assessing the needs of the people, nobody can find out a product that wanted by the people. So, test your concept only after the need assessment. It is the inevitable part of idea generation. Similarly, the presenters can explain each stages of the product development herewith.

The eight section split diagram ppt presentation is fall the category of explanatory slide. The presenters can write the main concept in both sides of the diagram. And explain the details orally. The interactive business PowerPoint template allows easy learning of the viewers, because each section is numbered and a thin line showing the exact position.

Eight Section Split Diagram PowerPoint template is again a novel idea expressed in the form of a template. A pivotal circle containing a spanner and a screwdriver as shown in the template in the Centre splits into eight sections, four on the left and four on the right. Each section is written in numerical and is connected to the pivotal circle by dotted lines. All the sections are given varied colors and you have a text box adjacent to it to write the heading and a brief description. The Eight Section Split Diagram can be used to show eight classifications, divisions, departments, types and the like. It can also be used as index or summary slides of the presentation. The template is very colorful and gives a more positive approach in the presentation.

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