• 8 segment star diagram template for PowerPoint and keynote slides

8 Segment Star Diagram Template for PowerPoint

Specially designed star diagram show eight vertex to display eight components or concepts. A typical star image contains five vertexes but our 8 segment star diagram template for PowerPoint and keynote is an exceptional design when we compare other star diagrams and star keynotes. The diagram is enabling to illustrate eight stages of business development or eight strategies that improve your business and organization. The colorful start PowerPoint template contains infographic icon and a trophy metaphor in the center. The image of trophy symbolically represents the target or goal. So the template is ideal to create presentation on sales and marketing. Presenters can show the operational strategies to achieve sales growth and target. The users can select their own topic and deliver simple and stunning presentation using the eight segment star diagram PowerPoint template.

8 segment star diagram template for PowerPoint and keynote are perfect for achievement and star stages completed. The Template features a segmented star with eight hands each given a unique color. In the middle of the star is placed a trophy which again denotes accomplishments. The template has two more inner pages which push the star to the left allowing room for a content area to be accommodated to further detail each of the eight-item briefed in the opening slide. Eight Segment star diagram template for PowerPoint and keynote slide show us how differently a list of eight items can be displayed beautifully and attractively. The template is highly customizable and you may even go ahead and make it as a 4, 5 or 6 handed diagram according to the data you have to display. Available as both PowerPoint and Keynote template.

The Diagram can be used for various use cases accordingly, the template also provides eight separate slides which can help you to detail the text and show it to your audience.