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Galbraith Star Model PowerPoint template for PowerPoint presentation shows the strategic implementation of the company's value proposition and business style. After designing the business models, you need a strategic approach to create company structure and behavior. To realize company goals, the model emphasizes structural design. Therefore, strategic moves can optimize every part of the business structure. Business professionals can use the Galbraith star model PowerPoint template to display conceptualizations adopted by the Galbraith star model theory. This is the best tutorial concept design with more than one value in a PowerPoint presentation. For instance, on an academic front, you can describe the five-layered model concepts of Galbraith. On the other hand, you can use it as a business template to explain how your company's structural design happens through star model PowerPoint.

The Star model PowerPoint template is a network diagram created with a triangular design in the center. Each topic is mutually related to others because the Galbraith star model concept emphasizes the importance of organizational structure alignment. The presenter can change the color codes, the background scores and the ppt icons according to their requirements.