• Ascend's Successful Teams Model
  • Ascend Successful Teams Model

About the Template

The successful team model template is a concentric circle slide with a three-layer rotation design. On the center circle of leadership, the next layer is imprinted with agility, internal focus, external focus, and spirit. On the outer periphery, resilience with rotating arrows is the ascend team's successful model ingredient. The center circle is colored yellow, with a light rose in the next layer and a blue tint on the last layer of the circular powerpoint template. This is copywritten team model by ascend's leadership development consultancy.

Successful team model design is an educational PowerPoint of instructive design. This model ensures each team member is assigned a role that their strengths and complements the other team members—Download Ascend's successful team model to inspire your teams.

More about Ascend's Successful Teams Model

The Ascend's Successful Teams Model is a theoretical framework or methodology that emphasizes the critical aspects that lead to a team's success. This concept is used to help firms build and sustain high-performing teams. The model's specific components include internal focus, external focus, spirit, agility, and resilience. The Successful Teams Model is intended to give a road map for forming and sustaining teams that collaborate successfully to achieve their objectives.