• negotiation model

The RADPAC model is a negotiation framework that contains six steps for solving a specific issue. So, the RADPAC powerpoint template is created as a step diagram format which will ease a comprehensive understanding of the acronym RADPAC. Negotiation is a process that often occurs in business to get a desirable solution to a problem. Each letter in the RADPAC signifies an approach that you have taken to get a favorable outcome from the discussion. In most cases, compromises are made based on the negotiation between the two parties. Sometimes, the results may favor one party, but if you want to create an amicable solution, both parties could benefit. So, the RADPAC model claims it differs from the win-win and win-lose models, whereas it incorporates both negotiation models to get a favorable outcome.

RADPAC model template for PowerPoint presentation is a simple step-by-step design. The timeline template shows the six elements of RADPAC in detail. It stands for Rapport, Analysis, Debate, Proposes, Agreement, and Close. The first concept, Rapport, means that when you start a negotiation, you should create a good relationship with the negotiator. Knowing each other will make a positive impression. The second concept, analysis, let all parties understand the needs and interest by gathering facts. The debate will enable get pros and cons of the discussion. Too many conflicts may ruin the conversations. In the fourth step, everyone chooses the best idea each party has proposed. They summarize the proposal and explain how it will erase conflict of interest. In the fifth step, the consensus is reached, and the two parties agree on the recommendations by vote. In the final phase, the negotiation is completed, and future steps are planned. The success indicators of the RADPAC model are based on knowledge and preparation.

RADPAC model negotiation framework for PowerPoint presentation is a black and white ppt background connected circle diagram. This generic template helps create points in a straightforward look. Each circle is colored in different color codes that ease the presentation flexible and understandable—download simple powerpoint designs for impressive displays. Try out our negotiation matrix powerpoint template to create amazing presentations.